Jetter, KJ2200 GAS

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KJ-2200 Jetter with Pulse - H-61, H-62, and H-64 1/8" NPT Nozzles - H-71 and H-72 1/4" NPT Nozzles - 75' x 3/16" Trap Hose - FV-1 Foot Valve - Nozzle Cleaning Tool - H-1235 Wash Wand Hose 1/2" x 35' (10.7 m)
This jetter propels a high flexible hose through 1 1/4" to 4" lines- blasting through sludge, soap and grease blockages. As you pull the hose back, it power scrubs the line, flushing debris away and restoring drain lines to their free-flowing capacity. Actual working pressure of 2200 psi and flow of 2.4 GPM for fast, effective cleaning of lines. Activate the KJ-2200's pulse action to easily negotiate difficult bends and traps. Standard equipment includes FV-1 foot valve. It makes remote or indoor operation simple and safe. You control the jetting action at the drain while leaving the jetter outdoors. Triplex pump with corrosion-resistant, forged brass head.
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Unit Weight 65 lbs. / 29.5 kg
Power Source 6.5 HP Recoil Start Gasoline Engine
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