About Us

Allan J. Coleman Sr. founded the business in Pittsburgh, PA in 1905. We are not sure when, but sometime in the next 20 years he moved the business to Chicago on Wabash. Later he moved the business to Illinois Street. Allan J. Coleman Sr. passed away sometime around 1938-39. His wife and Allan J. Coleman Jr. continued to run the business until Allan J. Coleman Jr. passed away in 1956. Mrs. Coleman put an ad in the paper “Business for Sale”. Aleck Frank purchased the business from Mrs. Coleman in the summer of 1956. Aleck’s son Marvin went to work with his dad within a month of the purchase. Aleck, his wife Dora, and Marvin moved from Illinois Street to Clark Street (just north of Wrigley Field) around 1970 where they saw growth and success.  In 1972, Aleck passed away and Marvin ran the business with his mom Dora, until she passed away in 1996. Marvin operated the business on Clark Street until they outgrew the facility in 1992 when he moved to the current location at 5725 N. Ravenswood Ave. Shane Wyant called on Allan J. Coleman from 1998 through 2005 as a Ridgid salesman. Marvin saw potential in Shane and brought him in as a partner in January 2006.


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